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Emotional Fire (May 2008): “As one awakens, the heart becomes a rarefied, sensitive organ of perception”

Breath (April 2008): “The Orphic mysteries address the soul, ‘You who would breathe once more the air of heaven, greetings!’”

Silence (February / March 2008): “A moment of awe makes one speechless, present”

Seeing with Presence (January 2008): “Awakening forms a bridge between the inner and the outer worlds”


Awakening through the Senses (December 2007): “To one's ordinary senses, consciousness is invisible, like the scent of a flower”

Theory and Practice (November 2007): “One's life is theoretical until one is present to it”

Initiation (October 2007): “The purpose of one's life is to become initiated into one's divinity”

Desire (July 2007): “Being present is like being in love”

Lord of the Dance (April/May 2007): “Movement occurs in time, yet a single movement can take one outside of time”

The Expression of Schools (March 2007): “Being present brings us from a three dimensional existence into a Higher World”

The Two Worlds (February 2007): “Sometimes we remember to be present. Sometimes we are reminded; an inner prompting to divide attention, to be awake, revealing a higher world within us”

The Joy of Efforts (January 2007): “The most precious moment of the day is before the day overtakes you”


December 2006 (Valuing Presence)

November 2006 (Locating Presence)

October 2006 (Dying and Being Born)

September 2006 (Not Listening to the Many ‘I’s)

August 2006 (Giving Up Imagination)

July 2006 (The Quiet Place Within)

May/June 2006 (The System and Presence)

April 2006 (Moving With Presence)

March 2006 (Being Present and Talking)

February 2006 (Listening With Presence)

January 2006 (Reaching Presence)


December 2005 (Deflecting Imagination)

November 2005 (The Internal War)

October 2005 (Higher Centers)

September 2005 (Free Sufi Quotes Program)

August 2005 (survey)

July 2005 (The System and Schools)

June 2005 (Essence and Personality)

May 2005 (The Steward)

April 2005 (Prolonging Presence)

March 2005 (Work ‘I’s)

February 2005 (Focusing on Presence)

January 2005 (Consciousness and Functions)


December 2004 (Divided Attention)

November 2004 (Identification)

October 2004 (Transformation of Suffering)

September 2004 (The Many ‘I’s)

August 2004 (Negative Emotions)

July 2004 (Imagination)

June 2004 (Self-remembering)

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